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Grass Valley School District :: Winter Greetings!
Winter Greetings!

Grass Valley School District provides an excellent educational experience for all students thanks to the efforts of our talented, dedicated, and caring staff and our supportive parent community.



Important Dates

February 4th - Early release (BHA, LG, S)

February 13th - President's Day Holiday

February 16th - President's Birthday Holiday

February 18th - Early release (BHA, LG, S)

March 4th - Early release (BHA, LG, S)

March 18th - Early release (BHA, LG, S)

March 30th - April 3rd - Spring Break

April 8th - Early release (BHA, LG, S)

April 22nd - Early release (BHA, LG, S)


  • Need to register a student for school?
    • Check out our First Day Packet section.
    • Find the forms needed to register your child for school.
    • Provides school lunch eligibility forms.

  • Interested in applying for employment?
    • Explore job oppurtunities
    • Find what the standard of compensation is for staff.

Link to GVSD Video
 Eric Frederickson,  Superintendent